Soap Saver Woven Bag – Great Increase in Soap Life – 2 Types of Bags


This soap saver woven bag is perfect to hold and hang your soap in the shower or bath.  Leave it right in the bag to lather up through the bag!

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Soap Saver Woven Bag Makes Your Soap Last Longer

This Soap Saver Woven Bag is woven of a fabric that will hold up in the tub or shower for a long time.  We use them for all of our soaps and it truly makes them last longer.  Place your soap on one to help keep it dry.  Click here to learn more about Soap Savers.  Remember – dry soap lasts much longer!

We Offer Two Different Types of Soap Savers

There are basically two different styles of soap savers the woven or mesh bag style which is shown here and the injection molded style which we also have.  The bag style is a woven type of fabric as you can see here, and the injection molded type that we also have listed.  The bag style has a hanger loop that hangs in the shower or tub when finished.

Bag Style Soap Saver – Hang em Anywhere

The bag style soap saver allows you to place the soap inside the bag and use it right in the bag and hang it up when finished.  The soap then dries until it is used again which lengthens the life of your soap considerably.  To see the Soap Saver Mesh Bag simply click here.

Injection Molded Soap Savers – Put Them Anywhere

The injection molded Soap Saver Tinted Flat style is easy to place anywhere in the bathroom or kitchen.  They are perfect to place in a shower recess area or on the bathroom counter.  We have them in the bathrooms in both places and in the kitchen counter area.  To see the molded style soap saver click here.

Both styles allow the soap to dry out, thus the soap will last much longer.  They are very easy to clean & maintain and more importantly – they really do work well!

Attractive & Stylish in The Tub or Shower

As you can see in the pictures the Soap Saver Woven Bag has a nice woven pattern that goes well in any motif.  You can place your soap in one of the bags & simply use it until it is gone – then put a new bar in.  The bags also offer a pleasant scrubbing action along with the soapy lather.

The Soap Saver Woven Bag is a neutral color and will nicely match anywhere that you desire to hang it.

Durable & Long Lasting

The Soap Saver Woven Bag is made of a durable  fabric that lasts for a long time.  We have been using them with our soaps for a long time and they are still like they were when they were new.  If they need cleaning all you need to do is soak them in water for a few hours and rinse them off.  They will be just like new!

Remember what we said above – dry soap lasts much longer.  It really makes a difference!



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