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We Work Hard To Provide You The Highest Quality Soaps And Preparations

What goes into making a great bar of soap?  A lot of time & effort.  We research & blend the finest organic oils for the soap base.  We use only 100% pure Essential oils and mix them to add their desired properties & aromas.  Our colors are from natural clays & herbs.  We test each soap & formula we make before we list it for sale.  We want you to have the best products!

Our Company

We founded our small company with two main objectives: One, make the finest products with the highest quality ingredients.  Two, make sure to give value to our customers by giving them generous portions at great prices.

There is a lot of work done before we place any of our soaps or products for sale to you.  We spend a great deal of time to perfect each Soap formula.  We don’t just choose our base oils randomly.  We select & blend them to each type of soap desired & beneficial qualities.  The same care is put into choosing & blending the Essential Oils to add their unique properties and wonderful fragrances.  Natural Clays, herbs, and other additives are carefully chosen & blended.  We then make test batches of each soap.  We test the soaps by using them and modify the formulas as needed.  In some cases many test batches are tried to arrive at a great bar of soap.  Only when we arrive at the desired result will we offer our prducts to you!

Our Team

The team is small, just two of us.  We have been together for 50 years and know how to get things done correctly!

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