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Handmade Soap vs. Commercial Soap

There are many notable differences between Handmade Soap and Commercial soap.  Once you understand the many benefits of Handmade soap the soap to prefer & use will be Handmade.  Click HERE to visit our Blog & learn more.

Many Handmade Soap Varieties

Our growing collection of soaps gives many choices.

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Natural Pumice, fresh Coffee Grounds & fresh Herbs and Zests.

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Our Luxury Bars are comparable to those costing many times as much.

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Tips for Using & Saving Your Handmade Soaps

Remember- These are handmade soaps, handcrafted with great care.  Colors & patterns can vary.  Size & weight can also vary slightly.
Every batch of Soap is hand mixed  & hand cut.  It is totally Handmade!

Need help in choosing the right soaps?

All of our handmade Soaps are tested and are ready to use.  Each recipe is carefully designed and adjusted (some many times) until it is just right.  We do not use animals for testing. We test & use the soaps ourselves along with other family & friends.  We have not used commercial soaps for a very long time.  Try some of our products and you will know why we use them ourselves!  If you have any questions about any of the products we will be happy to do our best to answer them.  Thank you for visiting our site!

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Facts About Our Soap

Our Soap is made by hand in small batches using cold process method.  The soap is molded and later cut by hand.   All soap bars are unique; sizes, shapes, and colors will vary.  Handmade soap is for all  ages and skin types.

In making our soaps we use NO:  Harsh Chemicals, Parabens, Phtalates, Sulfates, Synthetic color, Synthetic fragrance, Sodium Laural Sulfate,  Petroleum Products, Preservatives, GMO, Glutens, Etc.

Simply put, Our soaps use Natural ingredients, are free of Synthetic Colors, Dyes, &  Fragrances.  They are cruelty-free low waste and low carbon footprint.  They are Non-toxic, Handmade using sustainable ingredients right here in the USA.

Remember that we use pure Essential Oils, Herbal Infusions, Herbs & Clays to add Scent & Color to our Soaps.  The color & scent may be lighter & softer than soaps made with Fragrance Oils.

We carefully craft our products using all natural oils, herbs, butters, clays , teas, and can include natural seeds and fruit.  If you have any allergies please carefully read the product label before using.  If you have a sensitivity, we recommend doing a patch test first to ensure there is no reaction.  In the rare case irritation occurs please discontinue using the product.

Our products do not claim to cure or prevent any disease or medical problem and do not intend to substitute for medical advise (per FDA Rules).  Please consult your health care provider if you have questions regarding a health condition.  Click here to visit our legal page for more.

That being said, please research the ingredients in the various soaps and you will discover why they are used.  Knowledge gives all of us more Power!

Our soaps are 100% natural and are Vegan except for a few of our products that use a small amount of Beeswax, Honey or Goat Milk.

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