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Just Plain Soap – Extremely Simple & Effective Using Only 3 Oils

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Just a simple plain soap. Unscented and especially gentle for all skin types.

Just Plain Soap in definition is a Bastille soap. What is a Bastille soap?  It is made with mostly olive oil (no less than 70%) with minor additions of other oils, fats, and butters. Since Bastille soap has mostly olive oil, it will still be very similar to a Castile soap which is made with 100% olive oil.  Visit our Blog to learn more.

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What is a Bastille Soap?

Just Plain Soap has a very high percent of Olive oil which makes it extremely gentle and good for all types of skin.  It is defined as a “Bastille” soap which has to have at least 70% olive Oil along with other oils, fats, & butters.  A “Castile” soap is made with 100% olive Oil.  Visit our Blog to learn more about Castile and Bastille soap.

Only 3 Oils But They Are Powerhouses!

Olive oil is used to make true Castile soap.  We add the other oils to make a harder, longer lasting bar that is still extremely good and gentle on the skin.  Click here to learn more about our oils.  Discover more reasons that Olive Oil is so good for the skin by clicking here.

Just Plain Soap is Unscented to Be Extra Mild

This soap is formulated to be extremely mild and gentle for all skin types.  It is “baby safe” and contains no essential oils or other additives.  It is as mild a soap as we can make.

Pure Natural Ingredients

Soap Ingredients: Pure Saponified Oils: Olive, Avocado, Coconut. Distilled Water.

1 review for Just Plain Soap – Extremely Simple & Effective Using Only 3 Oils

  1. Oyate (verified owner)

    This soap lathers well for a plain soap! It leaves my skin feeling moisturized and smooth. I ordered this soap for my kids and they love it!! I like that’s it’s not fancy but they get squeaky clean and moisturized with it.

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