Coffee Body Scrub – Terrific & Invigorating – 2 Sizes


Coffee Body Scrub soap doesn’t smell like a cup of coffee and you certainly won’t either.  The oils blended with coffee ingredients gives a light aroma with a vanilla scent.  Fresh Brewed Coffee & Coffee grounds make this a Terrific Scrub Bar.


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Fresh Brewed Coffee ?

That is correct.  We use fresh Brewed Coffee & Fresh Coffee Grounds make this a Terrific Scrub Bar.  The fresh coffee grounds have a mild scrubbing exfoliating action which is very good for the skin.  Many people simply do not know that Coffee has many desirable and beneficial properties that are extremely good for the skin.  Learn more about the health promoting qualities of  Coffee by clicking here.  You will enjoy using Coffee Body Scrub !

Coffee Body Scrub – You Won’t Smell Like a Coffee Pot

With fresh brewed Coffee and Coffee Grounds of course this soap has a mild coffee aroma.  With the addition of Vanilla Essential Oil and Benzoin Tree Essential Oil the overall aroma from this soap is very pleasing.  The Essential Oils also impart their great beneficial to the skin properties.

An Oil Blend Great For the Skin

As with all of our products we spend a great deal of time to arrive at the best formula and blend of “base” oils.  The qualities of each oil  used in Coffee Body Scrub work in harmony with each other to deliver very helpful and beneficial properties to this soap.  Click here to discover more about some of the oils we use.

Pure Natural Ingredients

Ingredients: Pure Saponified Oils: Olive, Coconut, RSPO Palm, Shea Butter, Coffee Butter & Coffee Oil.  Distilled Water, Brewed Coffee, Coffee Grounds & Sodium Lactate.  Pure Essential Oils: Vanilla & Benzoin Tree.


Full Size Bar (4oz) 3.25" L x 2.25" W x 1.0" H(Approx.), Half Size Bar (2oz) 2.25" L x 1.7" W x 1.0" H(Approx.)


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