Bay Rum – Delightful Spicy Scent! -2 Sizes


Bay Rum has a delightful scent of Mediterranean and West Indian Bay Trees with herbaceous spicy & sweet clove like elements.  We also add our proprietary blend of  natural Botanicals to provide exfoliating & conditioning properties.  It is very moisturizing & good for your skin.

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Bay Rum Has a Great Spicy Aroma

This soap has a delightful spicy scent!   A complex aroma of Mediterranean and West Indian Bay Tree.  Fresh herbal notes with a hint of spice & sweet elements.  You will love our bar soap version of Bay Rum!

Carefully Blended for You

The combination of oils includes Turmeric infused Oil.  Each of the oils we add to this soap are selected & combined to gain the beneficial properties they impart.  Read about the oils we use by clicking here.  The proprietary blend has some amazing properties that you will love as much as the scent.  To learn more about Turmeric click here.

Added Botanicals for Greater Benefits

Additional organic finely ground botanical ingredients are added to this soap for additional goodness for your skin.  They not only provide their beneficial properties but also give this soap a beautiful speckled pattern.  Did we mention the mild exfoliating action that your skin will also receive?

Pure Essential Oils Give Bay Rum More Than Just Scent

The Essential Oils used in this soap formula provide more than a wonderful exotic fragrance.  Each of the essential oils adds its rich aroma as well as the wonderful properties each of the oils give to us.  Read about Bay Laurel by clicking here.

Natural Pure Ingredients

Soap Ingredients: Pure Saponified Oils: Olive, Coconut, RSPO Palm, Avocado, Castor, Shea Butter, Turmeric Oil. Distilled Water. Pure Essential Oils: Bay Laurel, Pimenta Racemosa ( Bay Rum Tree),  Myrrh, Cypress, Ginger. Kaolin Clay,  Sodium Lactate.


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Full Size Bar (4oz) 3.25" L x 2.25" W x 1.0" H(Approx.), Half Size Bar (2oz) 2.25" L x 1.7" W x 1.0" H(Approx.)


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