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Honey Mint Lips combines Raw Honey & Peppermint Essential Oil with the other ingredients to do a great job of moisturizing and beautifying your lips.

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Honey Mint Lips Protects & Moisturizes Your Lips

Coconut Oil & Raw Honey added with other ingredients give a premium product that will beautify & protect your lips. Honey Mint Lips has many great for the skin properties.  This lip balm is made with pure Peppermint Essential Oil & Raw Honey.  The Peppermint Essential Oil gives an aroma that  smells absolutely wonderful.  Click here to learn about some of the great properties of Peppermint Essential Oil.

Blended to Protect & Soothe

Honey MInt Lips has ingredients that are simple and natural with no harsh, synthetic additives or fragrances.  We add Sunflower Oil & Lanolin  to give your Lips added care.  To learn more about our oils click here.

Delightful Aroma

Honey Mint Lips has a wonderful aroma with a just the right amount of Peppermint.  This is a scent which is very pleasant to the user.  this candy-cane aroma is  tempting but don’t eat it – it won’t hurt you but you would be wasting all that goodness your Lips deserve!

Simple & Convenient to Use

Just open the tube and apply as often as it is needed.  The Peppermint Essential Oil has an amazing scent.  It coats really well and will last a long time.

Pure Natural Ingredients

All Natural Ingredients: Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Lanolin, Organic Raw Honey, Peppermint Essential Oil, Vitamin E.


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