Magic Cleaning Soap – Is It Really #1 at Effectiveness?

Old & Time Tested - Magic Cleaning Soap Works!

magic cleaning soap

Soap has been around for thousands of years and yet it still has properties that prove it to
be safe and highly effective at cleaning. From our hands and bodies to our clothes and other fabric it still works.

Many new products have emerged over the years that keep on applying new synthetic detergents and other additives to make them more aggressive at cleaning.

Sadly, many of these additives are harsh chemicals that are not that good for us. These chemical detergents and surfactants may be good at cleaning but that comes at a price to us. Read the labels on your cleaning products from laundry detergents to bathroom cleaners. Most of them say something to the effect "avoid contact with skin" or "may be irritating to the skin". Magic Cleaning Soap is safe & effective!

It is known to us of many cases where people have developed contact dermatitis from their liquid laundry detergents. This can be problematic and difficult to cure.

Properly formulated natural cleaning soap is both effective and safe to use. You will be amazed and surprised at how well it works - even though it has been around for hundreds of years!

A Brief History of Soap

The bars of soap you so rigorously scrub your hands and body with everyday date back as  one of the most ancient consumer products you use.  There is one major caveat: A lot of modern day soap isn’t soap at all.

Anciently the Mesopotainians were possibly the first to make soap. Soap likely originated as a by-product of a long-ago cooking: meat, roasting over a fire; blobs of fat, dripping into ashes. The resulting chemical reaction  created a slippery substance that turned out to be great at cleaning dirt off skin and fabrics allowing it to be washed away.

Written recipes for soap date back nearly 5,000 years, with variations from Mesopotamia, Egypt, ancient Greece, and Rome.  In the next paragraph is a method from an alchemist’s manual published sometime between the eighth and 10th centuries (even alchemists &  wizards who supposedly spent most of their time trying to turn lead into gold needed to  clean their hands, apparently).  Here is the recipe:

“Spread well burnt ashes from good logs over woven wickerwork … and gently pour hot water on them so it goes through drop by drop.… After it is clarified well, let it cook.… Add enough oil and stir very well.” This age-old soap recipe comes from an astonishing how-to guide called the Mappae Clavicula, which roughly translates from Latin as “A Little Key to Everything.”

The alchemist’s recipe for soap calls for either olive oil or beef tallow. Tallow, or animal fat, along with lye, remains a basic ingredient of soap. Fat reacts with lye—a substance made from ashes that is dangerous &  toxic.  This is why soap makers need to wear protective gear. 

The resulting chemical reaction is called saponification. The word possibly comes from the proto-German saipo, which means “to strain”; the Latin sebum, which translates as “grease”; or from Mount Sapo, an Italian mountain whose location is now lost to history. (The story is that the drippings and ashes from the cook fires of the gods rolled down the hill and were discovered by filth-encrusted Romans.)

After the saponification process is complete the soap is created and the danger and toxic nature of the lye is gone.  Don’t worry that soap is made from lye — it is much safer than many modern soap made from harsh synthetic detergents and other chemicals.  Properly made soap is both safe and beneficial to our skin!

The formula used in Magic Cleaning Soap stems from the age old soaps that were so basic and simple.  It is basic, simple and effective!

To learn more about the history of soap Click Here.

Magic Cleaning Soap - Why Does It Work So Well?

The formulation we use is derived from science and put simply the formula works! Magic Cleaning Soap is all natural.  It is made without the addition of dangerous chemicals & solvents.  This cleaning soap is so safe that you could bathe or shower with it.  We do not recommend this as the chemistry behind this soap makes it drying to the skin.  Use it for cleaning!

Many commercial cleaning soaps & products are very harsh.  There are even warnings on the labels of some of these products.  It is far better to use a natural product that does not contain any of these harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients.  Just remember that Magic Cleaning Soap is safe, simple to use and highly effective!  Click Here to learn more.

How You Use Magic Cleaning Soap on Fabrics & Clothing

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  The photos below are unretouched – shown as they were taken while we applied Magic Cleaning Soap to stained areas.  You can simply moisten the stained area and rub it with the soap, or, use our preferred method of grating a small amount of soap into a bowl and adding a small amount of water to make a paste.  Then wet the stained area and use a small brush like a toothbrush to scrub it into the area.  Let it sit a few minutes then wash as normal.  The use of Magic Cleaning Soap is not only very effective but also very simple. 

Does Magic Cleaning Soap Work on Carpet & Rug Stains?

Yes, Magic Cleaning Soap works on rugs & carpet.  It works on upholstery, drapes and just about anything that you need to spot clean for stain and dirt removal.  As was described above, you can simply moisten the stained area and rub it with the soap, or, use our preferred method of grating a small amount of soap into a bowl and adding a small amount of water to make a paste.  Then wet the stained area and use a small brush like a toothbrush to scrub it into the area.  Let it sit a few minutes then wash as normal.

This is 1 Fantastic Product That You will Love!

As described above the Magic Cleaning Soap formula comes from age old soaps that were made to clean everything ( but too harsh and drying for the skin).  This formula is safe and highly effective. 

You can use it to clean almost everything that gets dirt, grease or stains.  If a stain persits after you use it once, simply apply it again.  This Magic Cleaning Soap is our go-to for spot cleaning and you will quickly find it to be  your “tool of choice” for stains and spot cleaning.  Click here to view the soap.  You will love this product!

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