Handmade Soap Contains Glycerin – 1 Extremely Important Fantastic Product

handmade soap contains glycerin
handmade soap contains glycerin

Handmade Soap Contains Glycerin & This is Highly Prized in Soap

The fact that handmade soap contains glycerin is very important.  Glycerin is a natural skin emollient (skin softener) that attracts water from the surrounding air. Because of this, glycerin is highly prized in soaps, lotions and creams for maintaining moisture in the skin throughout the day. Animal fats and vegetable oils contain between 7-13% of glycerin as a part of their natural chemical makeup.

Glycerin Occurs in the Process

During the soap making process, the fats/oils and lye combine together in a chemical reaction called saponification.  This forms safe & natural soap.  The natural glycerin maintains its integrity as glycerin in the soap and basically settles in between the soap molecules. Too much glycerin and the soap will become mushy and disintegrate quickly. Too little glycerin and the soap becomes very harsh and drying to the skin.  Read about the oils we use by clicking here.

Many Commercial Soaps Remove the Glycerin

Because of its value as a by-product of soap manufacturing, the glycerin that is produced as part of the process is extracted for later sale or use.  It is often incorporated into lotions and moisturizing creams that are offered for sale to us.  This is interesting, but not surprising – the natural soap process provides its own glycerin to condition and nurture our skin.  The fact that handmade soap contains glycerin is clear evidence that the handmade soaps are best for our skin!

Handmade Soap Contains Glycerin Making it an Obvious Choice

Handcrafted soaps preserve the glycerin produced in the soap making. That is just one more of the many reasons that handmade soap is beneficial to healthy skin.  We can not over emphasize the important role that the glycerin plays in making handmade soap so good for the skin!  Learn more about the benefits of glycerin by clicking here.

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